Clove Studded Oranges

Traditions are a big part of the holiday season. We all have those special, or sometimes odd, traditions that remind us of memories of our childhood or put us in the holiday spirit. That’s why, from now until Christmas, we’ll be sharing different holiday traditions from various team members at Gygi, as a way to spread a little holiday cheer.

Our first tradition comes from our Social Media Manager, Rebecca.

Orange Cloves

I’m not a particularly crafty person. I love the idea of unique, creative, elaborate crafts, but most of the time those attempts turn into serious Pinterest fails. That’s why I prefer to keep my crafts on the simple side. One of my favorite holiday crafts fits that criteria perfectly: clove-studded oranges.

Growing up, my mom would buy oranges and cloves for us kids to decorate to our hearts content. This is a great craft for kids because precision is not necessary. Even if your planned design goes a bit array, the oranges still look nice and smell delicious. Group a few of them together and you’ve got a festive, fragrant centerpiece.

All you need to make these cloved oranges is, well, whole cloves and oranges. Set up a spot at a table, light a fire, play some Christmas music, and sip some apple cider. It’s the perfect, relaxing holiday evening. And the spicy, citrusy smell will quickly fill the room. If you want to get really fancy, you can even add ribbon to the oranges. But personally, I like them simple and classic.

Orange Cloves

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