Easiest Way to Fill a Pastry Bag

We are excited to get this pro tip all about the easiest way to fill a pastry bag from the cookie experts at Blyss Cookies. Learn by reading our step-by-step directions or watch this 1-minute video to become a piping bag pro.

What you’ll need

10-inch square of plastic wrap

1 large piping/pastry bag

Icing of your choice (about 1 cup)

1 bag clip

Icing tip of your choice

1 coupler

Step One

Place about a fist size ball of icing, about 1 cup, in the center of your 10-inch square of plastic wrap.

How to fill a piping bag

Step Two

Fold the plastic wrap diagonally and press down on the plastic wrap to create a sealed triangle.

By Orson Gygi

Step Three

Fold the ball of icing in the plastic wrap a couple times until the excess plastic wrap has been wrapped around the icing. Pick up the ball by the ends and twirl the bag until the icing is tightly wound in the plastic wrap.

Easiest way to fill a pastry bag

Step Four

Next, string one end of the plastic wrap through the piping bag and coupler. Clamp the end of the bag down using a bag clip.

Piping Bag Hacks

Step Five

Cut the end of the plastic wrap so it’s flush with the end of the pastry bag. Fasten your tip to your coupler and begin icing!

How to fill a pastry bag

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