Making Salt Your Centerpiece

Move over shakers, this pretty salt is ready to be the centerpiece.

A beautiful spread of pink himalayan, smoked sea salt, fleur de sel, and flavored salts serve as a functional focal point. Guests can top their food with a salt of their choice, imparting pure, bright flavors onto the food. They will also enjoy the conversations that develop as they try new flavor combinations. Its a win, win kind of moment.

Using simple kitchen items, you can easily make a stunning centerpiece. Read on to see our favorite ideas.

Prep Bowls

Gather a collection of your favorite mini bowls, cups, or ramekins to fill with different salts. Small bowls and spoons gathered on a tray, will look beautiful and leave your friends and families feeling curious and adventurous. Stick with small bowls and add a tiny salt spoon, to keep things clean.

White Marble Salt Bowl

Black Marble Salt Bowl


Mini Tart Pan

Salt Spoon

Salt Grater

This beautiful grater is the tool you need to add fresh salt to your favorite meals. Simply hold over your food and grate your favorite salt. A gentle dusting will enhance the flavor of any dish! Each grater comes with Pink Himalayan salt cubes, but other types are available for

purchase. And! A carved wooden stand holds the grater in place, ready to make a statement.

Salt Grater

Salt Grinder

Show off your salt in a clear, acrylic salt grinder. A pink Himalayan salt, will effortlessly shine on your table when displayed and ground in a beautiful mill.

Sea Salt Grinder

Salt Mill

Flavored Salt

Stocking your pantry with a few flavored salts make every mealtime feel like a party. Start with a basic kosher salt. We love the coarse texture of the Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt.

Jacobsen Kosher Salt

Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt

Redmond Kosher Salt







Then, venture into the world of sea salt. A simple flaked salt is as tasty as it is beautiful. Variations of sea salt include Fleur de Sea and Himalayan pink salt. Their earthy flavors are sensational.

Sea Salt

Jacobsen Pure Flake Salt

Redmond Sea Salt

Fleur de Sel

Himalayan Salt







Then try out something flavored. Smoked salt. Garlic salt. Pepper salt. Habanero salt. All delish. All beautiful.

Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt

Cherrywood Smoked Salt

Garlic Sea Salt

Habanero Sea Salt

Black Pepper Salt






For more info on different types of salt, check out this post.

So, if you like salt on your food (and who doesn’t?) then give a salt centerpiece a try!

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