BLT Fried Egg-and-Cheese Sandwich

BLT Fried Egg-and-Cheese Sandwich

There is nothing like doing yard work and chores on Saturday, only to sit down to a delicious BLT Fried Egg-and-Cheese Sandwich. But ya know, if you want to skip the chore and just eat the sandwich, that’s fine too. We aren’t here to judge!


Watching Adam Sandler make this sandwich in the movie Spanglish (2004), has stuck with me for years. Cooking scenes have always been my favorite parts in movies and this one stuck with me. Maybe it was the addition of the egg to a classic BLT or how simple the sandwich is to make, but this sandwich has quickly become a sunny weekend staple!



Take a rustic, hardy bread, slice it, and spread mayonnaise on one side. top it with cheese, bacon, butter lettuce, and a tomato. Fry an egg and put it on top or in the middle of the sandwich and you’re done!

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