Easy Homemade Chocolate Truffle Base

Decadent and delicious chocolate truffles are easy to make right at home.

Start with a basic ganache filling and enrobe it in delicious dark or milk chocolate, roll it in cocoa powder, toasted coconut, ground oreos, or chopped nuts. The crowds will go wild over this one.

I love when something seemingly overwhelming suddenly becomes so simple just because you gave it a try. It’s how I feel about using yeast. I always feel afraid and when my bread comes out of the oven I feel perfectly surprised that it actually worked.

Truffles have always seemed like a hard confection to conquer. Their perfectly smooth center, with delicious dark chocolate chocolate outside. The beautifully smooth finish around that dome of creamy truffle filling. It’s really a masterpiece. And totally easier than it looks!

The truffle filling is a basic ganache, which is a fancy word for an easy recipe. Just melt some chocolate, cream and butter together. I’m willing to bet you even have everything sitting in your house just begging to be made into one of your best creations.

Homemade Truffle Filling

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  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 10 oz. dark couverture chocolate
  • 1 Tbsp butter, softened



Couverture dipping chocolate, cocoa powder, diced nutsStart by melting your chocolate, in the microwave or double boiler, until smooth.


Warm heavy cream until it is warm, not hot, to the touch.


Stir warmed cream into melted chocolate and add the butter. Stir until smooth.


Cover bowl with plastic wrap so the plastic is touching the surface of the ganache.


Refrigerate until solid, about 2 hours.


Scoop ganache into small rounds using a melon baller or cookie scoop.


Refrigerate or freeze the small balls until ready to dip.


Temper couverture chocolate, and dip truffles in chocolate, place on parchment paper until hardened.


Alternately, you can roll the the ganache in cocoa powder, toasted coconut or chopped nuts.


Enjoy your decadent and delicious homemade confection.

If you want to add a little flavoring to your truffles, just replace a little bit of cream with a high quality flavoring. Start with a drop or two of butter rum, or mint, or raspberry, or even Irish cream (just not all at once!) and then take a little of the cream away from the recipe to compensate.

We love to have some ganache ready to go in the freezer for a last minute treat. Make your filling, cover it well with plastic wrap and freeze your filling for up to 3 months. You can then pull it out of the freezer an hour or two before dipping, and scoop and dip. Homemade Truffles on demand. Dangerous if you ask me!

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