Essential Tools: Citrus

We aim to add a little zest to your winter… with citrus fruit! Their juicy insides are bursting with flavor (and vitamin C)! We’ve gathered a few tools we deem essential for brightening your winter meals.

  1. Citrus ReamerThis classic tool is a powerhouse for removing the most juice from your citrus fruits. Easy to hold and manipulate, you can force every last drop of juice to be extracted. Typically made from wood, these reamers should be washed by hand after use (keep out of the dishwasher). Squeeze your juice over a strainer to catch and errant seeds. Shop reamers here.
  2. Citrus SqueezerCitrus squeezers simplify your juicing experience. Simply insert (cut side down!) half of a lemon, lime or orange in their respectively sized squeezer. Bring the handles together to extract the juice. The liquid will exit through the holes in the bottom and the stray seeds will remain in the squeezer. Fast and easy. Shop lime, lemon, and orange squezers here.
  3. Citrus PeelerThe Citrus Peeler simplifies the removal of orange peels. Slide the tooth-like protrusion from top to bottom to slice the peel without touching the underlying fruit. Then, using the end of the tool, you can get underneath the peel without embedding the pith in your fingernail. Easy enough for kids to use, you’ll find every member of your family reaching for this useful tool. It’s inexpensive (99 cents) and small, making it easy to find a space in your utensil drawer. Shop citrus peelers here.
  4. Citrus ZesterEvery kitchen needs a zester. And we don’t say that lightly. This tool has changed the cooking game. As far as citrus is concerned, a zester allows you to quickly add a burst of flavor to all your cooking. Your baking will be brighter, your dressing fresher, and your kitchen cleaner! Check out Microplane’s suggestions for use here. Our lives changed when we discovered we should be holding the zester upside down!!!! Shop all our zesters here. Shop Microplane here.
  5. Citrus JuicerThe classic juicer! There is a good reason these juicers have found a place in kitchens for decades – they work! Push and twist your citrus fruit over the built in reamer, while the surrounding bowl collects all the delicious juice. Run your juice through a strainer before using. Simple and easy. Shop our classic juicers here.
  6. Citrus SprayerThe citrus sprayer is provides and quick and convenient splash of juice. Twist the sprayer into the top of a lemon or lime and start spritzing freshness on your food. Then rest your fruit on the included stand and place in your fridge. It will be ready to use the next time you need a little extra zest in your food. Shop the Lekue Citrus Sprayer here.

Add a little zest to your meals with these essential tools for citrus fruit. Enjoy the process and get in the kitchen!


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