The Easiest Popsicles – 3 Pour & Freeze Ideas!

We love a treat option that is quick, easy, and delicious – especially during hot summer months. Popsicles fit this description when they’re made from ready-to-use juices and drinks! Keep reading for 3 great options that are as simple as pour & freeze!


The classic option! Kool-Aid is great for it’s wide variety of colors and flavors! Stick to one flavor or mix up a concoction of flavors – either way, kool-aid popsicles are the OG homemade option.

We find their texture to be similar to an ice cube, making them a slow-eating treat. We prefer an option with more fruit and sugar to create a softer texture, but i’ve never met a kid who will turn down a classic kool-aid popsicle!

Fruit Juice

Not all fruit juices are created equally! But they all make a decent popsicle. This is a great way to use up a leftover bottle or pitcher of juice. Pour it in plain or make it fancy with added fruit or candy. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • WHITE GRAPE JUICE is a great canvas for other fruits or candies. It’s clear color allows these fun additions to be showcased and displayed. It’s flavor is mild and the texture is soft and icy.
  • PINK CRANBERRY is the softest, pink color. And the flavor is light and fresh.
  • MANGO NECTAR was a fun surprise. This popsicle was soooo soft and creamy. This is due to the higher content of fruit concentrate in the juice. We found this juice at a local Harmon’s grocery store. We bought it because the label was cute… but found ourselves pleasantly surprised by how delicious it was!

When choosing a fruit juice, take a peek at the ingredients. If the first ingredient is water, the resulting popsicle will be more firm and ice-cube like. If it’s made from fruit concentrate with a thick nectar consistency, the popsicle will be softer and creamier, due to the higher content of fruit. Lots of added sugar? You’ll have a soft popsicle! We loved playing around with all the popsicle options. And we loved eating them all, too!


Everyone’s favorite drink is just as fun as a popsicle! The combo of carbonated water and high sugar content make for a soft & icy treat. Use any flavor, but keep in mind that diet sodas will freeze a bit more firm than sugar sodas.

Also worth noting – frozen soda will expand more than water or juice-based mixtures, so leave a little extra space at the top of the mold for this. Also, these popsicles melt quick, so eat them fast. We have a feeling that won’t be a problem.

Next time you’re looking for an sweet & icy treat – freeze your favorite refreshing drink for an easy popsicle! We used our favorite classic popsicle mold for this fun experiment. But there are many ways to make a popsicle – even if you don’t have a mold. Click here to learn about 10 ways to make a popsicle with or without a mold.

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