The Gygi Guide to Decorating Bags

Are you a piping bag user? You better be! Step aside Ziploc bag, this town isn’t big enough for the 2 of us!

The piping bag is an ESSENTIAL part of any Decorator’s toolbox. Lives have been changed by making the switch to a proper piping bag. 

Styles of Bags

There are many different styles out there, each with their own unique advantages, so let’s learn about each one:

#1 – TIPLESS: The tipless bag is made to be used as the name says, without a piping tip! This is one of the most basic bags and was mainly created for cookie decorators. These bags are made without a seam so you can get a thin stream of icing for intricate designs. The bag is a little bit thinner than a standard disposable bag, so take that into consideration when deciding which icing to use in there! 

#2 – DISPOSABLE: A thicker style bag that makes cleaning up after a decorating project a breeze, these bags are the standard among piping bags. They are super versatile and clear, so you can see exactly what you are working with! These tend to be a little bit thicker, so despite the name, they can be washed and used multiple times before tossing them!

#3 – FEATHERWEIGHT: This is one of the original styles of piping bag. The bags are made of polyester and the more they are used, the softer they get and the easier they are to work with. 

#4: CANVAS: One of the most traditional types of bag, you will find these in many of the classic bakeries. They are a canvas bag with a plastic coated lining inside. Although they are coated on the inside, we find greasy ingredients tend to seep through the material. We love the fact that this bad can absorb the heat from your hand, so if you have a tendency to melt buttercream with your hot hands, this is the bag for you. 

#5: SILICONE: The feel of the disposable bag with the reusable quality of the canvas bag. The silicone bag is quite flexible and helps retain some heat from hot hands or warm mixtures. 

Which kind of bags have you tried? Please tell us if the answer is “none” that you’ll swap out your ziploc bag for a decorating of your choice (you really can’t go wrong with any of the options!) and watch your decorating skills skyrocket!

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