5 Reasons We Love Making Bread in the Ankarsrum Original Mixer

Ankarsrum Original Mixer

The Ankarsrum Original Mixer is unlike any other stand mixer and we didn’t know we could love like this! It blends two types of technology to create both a planetary mixer (one motor to operate the paddle and a non-rotating bowl) and a spiral mixer (one motor to rotate the bowl and one motor to rotate the spiral arm). With the Ankarsrum, one motor can power the paddles for mixing up ingredients just like a planetary mixer or it can rotate the steel bowl just like a spiral mixer for producing high-quality dough. It is the perfect machine if you are looking to elevate your bread-making in the kitchen.

1. Massive Mixing Bowl

The Ankarsrum mixer comes with a massive 7.3-quart stainless steel bowl. It works with the dough knife and the dough roller attachments to gently flip and knead the dough. It holds a lot and was specifically designed to mix up large batches or knead heavy, elastic doughs. And if the dough starts creeping up the roller, you can simply adjust the arm a little further away from the bowl to create a little more space. 

2. Specialized Dough Roller

In a traditional stand mixer, the dough hook develops gluten through pulling and stretching the dough. This often requires a little more flour to help stiffen the dough. The dough roller on the Ankarsrum is one of the fittings that sets it apart from other stand mixers. The shape of the roller mimics the knuckles of a hand and allows the machine to knead the dough more gently, without all the tearing. It requires less flour, resulting in a much smoother and softer loaf. 

3. Gearbox in the Base

Keeping the gearbox in the base of the machine is what allows the bowl to spin. Not only is this good for gentle kneading, but also allows bakers to see the contents and easily add ingredients into the bowl without the drive unit getting in the way. Because there is minimal power loss between the wall socket and the gearbox, the machine is very strong. But you wouldn’t know it based on noisy it is. This stand mixer is so quiet, you can easily have a conversation around the counter while mixing up or kneading your bread dough. 

4. Timer and Power Dials

If you are an experienced bread maker, you know that you never want to overmix your dough. With the Ankarsrum, the on/off switch on the left comes equipped with a timer. So you can set it right there as soon as you start kneading your bread – no hassle, no confusion. The other dial on the Ankarsrum is for power.  The best way to see the power of this machine is by moving the second dial from one level to the next. It produces a significant difference in power so you can mix up the ingredients as quickly or as slowly as your recipe requires. 

5. Proofing Lid

We did not know we needed the convenience of the proofing lid in our lives until Ankarsrum provided one for this mixer. It is so nice to have the proofing lid ready to go without having to dig around the pantry for extra plastic wrap or a clean towel. Simply remove the bowl from the mixer, secure the lid in place, and let your dough rise naturally. 

Looking for a complete stand mixer for your home? Say hello to the Ankarsrum Original Mixer! Want more information on the Ankarsrum? We introduced this new product and used it as part of our mixer testing, and break everything down in this guide. It really is a game-changer in the kitchen when it comes to making bread. Sure, it might take some trial and error the first few times you use it. But once you find your groove, this mixer will produce incredible cakes, breads, cookies, buttercream, and so much more. If you are looking to upgrade your mixer, we would highly recommend this versatile little appliance.

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