Hand-Dipped vs. Molded Chocolates

molded chocolates

If you are like us, you are thinking about, making, and eating chocolate all year long. And if you have ever set foot in our specialty kitchen store, you know exactly how much of our space is dedicated to making sure you get the best chocolate and the best tools for chocolate making and dipping chocolate. The question is, are you here to hand-dip or mold your delicious chocolate treats? We can’t wait to help you out!

So many of our customers have found products and methods that work for them, and have come to rely on those predictable outcomes to make perfect chocolates that set up beautifully every time. Some of you love hand-dipped chocolates, some of you prefer molded chocolates, and some people like the combination of both when making their chocolate boxes. Each method is unique, and the one you choose depends on the types of chocolates you are making and the level of your skill and confidence.

molded chocolates

Hand-Dipped Chocolates

As the name suggests, you create hand-dipped chocolates by dipping a candy center into melted couverture chocolate. Sounds simple, but there are so many unique methods for hand-dipping, and we love that each person has their tried-and-true methods. Some people use their hands for the entire dipping process. Others like to use regular forks or dipping forks for less mess. And in addition to the tools, it seems like everyone has a way of dipping that works for them. 

When pressed for time, you can dip your centers all at once, making sure it is fully encased in chocolate, and then set it aside to harden. With real chocolate in proper temper, these will set up with a beautiful snap, sheen, and mouth feel. They may not look as pretty, but they will be delicious.

If you have more time to spare and want a more elegant and decadent treat, you can dip your centers twice. The first time, you dip part way leaving just the top exposed, and let that set up. Then you flip it and dip it again, submerging the uncoated top and sides, but not covering the bottom. With this second dip, you will flip the chocolate back before placing it dipped-side-up on the parchment paper. 

Molded Chocolates

With molded chocolates, the process is a little different. The molds make things very easy, and you can add some fun and beautiful variety to your chocolate box. You can create hollow chocolate forms or solid chocolates. You can layer in different types of chocolate or use molds to coat a delectable center. Just think of all the fun possibilities!

For hollow forms, you simply coat the chocolate mold with a thin layer of chocolate and let it set. You will remove that from the mold and then repeat, creating another thin layer. Then, when you have both halves, you melt the seam on one and glue them together. For solid chocolates, you can fill the entire mold with your chocolate of choice or you can layer in different flavors of chocolate for a fun aesthetic. Or you can still make chocolate centers by layering a little chocolate into the mold, letting it set up, placing the center, and then filling it the rest of the way with chocolate. Here is our collection of chocolate molds. And if you have questions about what type of mold to use, check out this post.

Which Method Do You Want to Try? 

Hand-dipped chocolates definitely give off more of a rustic and homemade feel while molded chocolates look more polished and professional. But both methods are excellent for creating unique and delicious confections. When making and dipping chocolate for our candy boxes, we love to do a combination of both hand-dipped and molded chocolates. It gives us that interesting variety of enticing finishes and textures that are meant to impress. Either way though, no one will be able to resist!

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