Valentine’s Popcorn 3 Ways

Valentine's Day Popcorn

Hear us out–do you have any leftover popcorn supplies from the Holidays? Then you must try the sweet delight of homemade chocolate-covered popcorn this Valentine’s Day. You can elevate your snacking experience with this trio of tempting flavors that promise to tantalize all the taste buds. Whether you prefer classic simplicity, decadent richness, or a deliciously playful twist–there’s a version of Valentine’s popcorn to suit every palate. So treat your loved ones and friends to a memorable culinary gesture that embodies both affection and creativity. Here are the three versions we made: 

share the love chocolate covered popcorn

Version 1. Share the Love

For this first type of chocolate-covered popcorn, we ended up mixing in some ground dehydrated strawberries with our melted chocolate. We do something similar with the buttercream for macarons and it makes a gorgeous dusty pink color with a delicious fruity taste. It did make the chocolate a little thicker, but that’s just fine if you are coating the popcorn. Once the popcorn was coated, we added some Share the Love gummies and then drizzled over the top of everything with white chocolate. 

sour lips chocolate covered popcorn

Version 2. Sweet and Sour

Heather loves gummies! And she can’t get enough of the sour pucker lips. So we knew right away that we would be adding these to some chocolate-covered popcorn for Valentine’s. For this batch, we decided to experiment and mix some of the gummies in with the popcorn before coating everything with chocolate. Then, once it was coated, we added some mini heart sprinkles and more of the sour pucker lips to add some color and contrast. 

Version 3. Heart Divided

What happens if you have one person who loves mini marshmallows and sprinkles and another who likes conversation hearts and chocolate drizzle? Truth be told, you can coat the popcorn, spread it on a cookie sheet, and top it in sections. So for this last option, we did half of the tray with just a white base, mini marshmallows, and the big heart sprinkles. And on the other half of the tray, we did conversation hearts and a pink drizzle. 

valentines popcorn

This is why we love making chocolate-covered popcorn. You can get creative with flavors, colors, and toppings and everyone can make what they want! And if you are to add one new tradition to your Valentine’s celebrations, let it be this Valentine’s popcorn. It’s quick, easy, and sure to make lasting memories. Which one do you think you are going to try first? 

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