What Comes with the Ankarsrum Mixer?

ankarsrum mixer

Do you have an Ankarsrum Original Assistent? Yay! Congrats! Have you taken it out of the box yet? If not, that’s ok! You might be worried it is a little too advanced. We got you! The Ankarsrum mixer has really impressed us. The more we use it, the more we want to use it and see what it can do. And we can’t wait to help answer all your questions and give you all the tips. You are not in this alone! Let’s get started with what’s in the box. 

Multi Wire Whisks

The first things you pull out are the whisks. There are two sets—the multi-wire and the single-wire whisks. And you are probably already thinking, what?! But trust us, these multi-wire whisks will come in handy when you want to quickly whip up some cream or peak those egg whites. 

Single Wire Whisks

The single-wire whisks are perfect for mixing up soft cookie dough, crusts, and more. These are the times when you don’t exactly want to aerate your ingredients but mix them until they are just combined. The most important thing we can say about using either one of the whisk attachments is to make sure your ingredients are nice and soft. If you get solid pieces of butter knocking around inside your bowl it could break one of your whisks or the housing. 

Gear Housing

The housing is attached to the single-wire beaters. During setup, this black housing fits on the top of the whisk post. But you can pull the attachments out of the housing and quickly swap out the beaters. It might take some practice the first few times, clicking everything into place. But once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy. 

Whisk Post

This white plastic post is what goes down into the Ankarsrum base, and then you put on the plastic bowl, and then the gear housing with the whisk attachments. 

Plastic Bowl

Next up, we have the 3.5-liter plastic beater bowl. It is made of BPA-free, heat resistant Tritan Copolyester. This is the bowl you use with the wire whisks and gear housing assembly. 

Dough Scraper

Then there is the handy dough scraper. This is different from the dough knife. The dough scraper is a handheld tool specifically designed to fit the contours of the bowl and the dough roller. That way, you can easily get all of the dough out of the bowl with very little cleanup. 

Dough Knife

We love using any setup with the dough knife. It slots right into the smaller hole on the top of the base and sits snugly up against the side of the stainless steel bowl. It works by scraping dough and batter away from the walls and driving it back towards the middle of the bowl. 

Dough Roller

This is the Ankarsrrum icon! It’s such a unique way of kneading and mixing dough. It works in tandem with the dough knife to gently knead the dough. It has been used with Ankarsrum since the beginning. 

Bowl Cover

Does your other mixer come with a bowl cover? This one does! It is meant to be used with the stainless steel bowl when proving dough. It helps prevent the dough from drying out so you get the best, most even rise. You can even use it on top of the beater bowl as a splatter guard when whipping up your cream. 

Dough Hook

The dough hook is something Ankarsrum added to the assembly when the mixer came to the United States. This is because it’s what we are used to with most of our mixers and bread recipes. The dough hook works with the dough knife to pull the dough and is more suitable when making larger doughs. 


This 7-liter, stainless steel bowl is tough to beat when it comes to making bread. The planetary motion of the bowl spinning around is one of the most mesmerizing things we have ever witnessed. It runs so smoothly and can hold plenty with its large capacity. 

Original Assistent Base

Last, but certainly not least, you have the Ankarsrum base. This houses the gearbox which contains a completely unique, belt-driven, worm gear transmission. It is powerful, quiet, and unlike any other mixer on the market. 

ankarsrum mixer original

There you have it! This is everything that is included in your box with the Ankarsrum mixer. With this Original Assistent, you really do have everything you need to whip, cream, combine, beat, knead, and mix up all your favorite things. Next up, we will be talking about each of the different setups and when to use which tools. What setup are you most anxious to learn about?

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