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Galette Filling Recipe

Fruit Galette Filling

So you’ve made the galette dough and now you need the perfect filling to complete this delicious dessert. Use this sweet and tangy fruit filling recipe with complete directions…

Fruit Galette Recipe

Galette Dough Recipe

This galette dough recipe makes for a perfectly delicious flaky crust that your tastes buds will thank you for. It is a must try! Watch out for our easy…

Asparagus Tart

Asparagus and Herbed Ricotta Tart

Make an asparagus and herbed ricotta tart for a mouth-watering last minute dinner idea. This cheesy, savory dish is a great option when you’re in need of a creative light…

Red Wine and Strawberry Tart

Red Wine and Strawberry Tart

There are very few desserts as delectable and rich as a red wine and strawberry tart with a chocolate crust. This is truly a mouth-watering dish that is the…

The Classic Berry Tart

Classic Berry Tart

The classic berry tart is everyone’s favorite dessert. The flaky crust combined with the creamy custard filling hits all the right notes and textures. Top with your favorite berries…