Caramel Pears


Caramel pears are fabulous. Trade out your apples and dip some pears into a batch of melted Peter’s Caramel. Accessorize your caramel pears with sugar crystals for a dash of sparkle, or wrap them up for an edible gift.

Our favorite part about caramel dipped pears is the unique shape of the pear. It allows the caramel to settle in a way that flatters the fruit. Dip a red pear for Christmas, a golden pear for November, and a green pear for Halloween. Caramel dipped pears are simply a delightful treat.

Cut off a chuck of your Peter’s Caramel and melt for one minute at a time on half power. Stir the carmel after a minute to test consistency and melt for another minute until your caramel is gooey, melty, and ready for your pear to be dipped!



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