Gummy Crab Cupcake Topper

Crab Cupcake Toppers

Crab Cupcake Toppers

Add the final touch to your desserts with a unique Gummy Crab Cupcake Topper. It’ll make your beach inspired party pop with a clever detail all your guests will love!

Turn your summer party into a fun beach bash by adding a cute Gummy Crab Cupcake Topper to your desserts! Create the base of your dessert with our Cupcake and Frosting Recipe, then you can start making the cupcake topper. The orange slices will be the bottom of the lobster with the curved edge on bottom. Add corn syrup to the candy eye sprinkles and stick them to flat, bottom part of the spice drops. Stick them into the orange slices and use gummy peach rings to create the arms.

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Spice Drops - 5 Lb.

Spice Drops – 5 Lb.

Candy Eye Sprinkles - 50 Ct.

Candy Eye Sprinkles – 50 Ct.







Gummy Peach Rings - 5 Lb.

Gummy Peach Rings – 5 Lb.

Orange Slices - 5 Lb.

Orange Slices – 5 Lb.


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