Here’s Why We Love Our Gozney Roccbox

Gozney Roccbox

Gozney decided to go and change the pizza game–and we couldn’t be more impressed. They took everything they built with their restaurant-style ovens and packed it all into a portable little powerhouse. These ovens are sleek, durable, and so easy to use. Now you can take a high-heat, high-performance pizza oven everywhere you go. We love our Gozney Roccbox! And here are all the reasons why. 

Small Footprint

Take this pizza oven with you anywhere, literally anywhere. The footprint of the Roccbox oven is only 16.3” x 21” x 18.6”. And the double-layer stone floor reduces the amount of heat emitting from the bottom so you don’t have to worry too much about the surfaces you are setting it up on. Instead of messing around with assembly, you can get your oven up and running in just a few minutes. 

High Heat Pizza Oven

How hot is too hot? The Roccbox easily reaches 950℉ so you can enjoy unrivaled cooking results. And the double-thick stone floor holds in that heat. Best of all, the stone is fixed. It doesn’t go anywhere. And it requires very minimal effort for clean up. You can burn any food spills to ash, sweep them out when the oven cools, and start with a clean slate for your next cookout. 

Rolling Flame

The secret to wood-burned pizza is the rolling flame that licks across the top, creating that exquisite leopard crust. The patented baffle blat technology of the Roccbox sends that flame reaching toward the opening, creating the perfect distance between fire and pizza. So cook the bottom with the stone, and cook the top with the flame. That is how these pizzas cook in less than 90 seconds. 

Safe-Touch Silicone Jacket

Gozney took insulation to a whole new level with the Roccbox. The dense layers between the inner wall and the outer casing provide minimal heat loss. And you can feel good hosting pizza parties with the family, because the safe-touch technology of the silicone jacket helps prevent burns if someone accidentally bumps up against the backside of the oven. 

Easy Transport Strap

The Roccbox features retractable legs that fold neatly out of the way for convenient storage and transportation. The pizza oven also comes with a heavy-duty lifting strap in the package that you can use to tote it from the truck to the campsite and back again. Fold the legs, remove the burner, and you can easily take the Roccbox everywhere. (Don’t make the same mistake we did and leave the band on when you turn on the oven. It will melt!) You can also purchase a waterproof cover to keep it protected while it is in storage.

There are so many reasons why we love our Gozney Roccbox. And we can’t wait to tote this little powerhouse pizza oven around for all our family adventures. If you are ready to upgrade to a pizza oven, the Roccbox is now in stock in these four colors!

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