Grilling Gala 2021: Grilling to Get Away

With the world spinning on what feels like a different axis this year, we felt like we were all looking for a way to “Get Away” without actually ditching out on life. So we present to you some fun ideas to use outdoor cooking as an escape, a way to mix up the flavors and spice of life. Use your backyard feast as a chance to feel like you’ve been transported somewhere totally new!

We have so much we want to share with you! And we are doing so VIRTUALLY so you can all participate. (There were some good things that came from our year with COVID- we embraced the power of virtual learning.) All the FREE classes are posted here and on our Instagram page. So, come join us for some outdoor cooking fun.

The Virtual Classes:

Grilled Veggie Bowls

Join the Gygi Girls as we share with you a fresh new spin on one of our most loved recipes. Throw some veggies on the grill, and suddenly you have a whole meal. Win!

Picking your Meat: Beef

Come check out this informative and entertaining class with Chef Todd Leonard. He will walk you through picking out the right cuts of beef (and even how to butcher it yourself). So much to learn here.

Picking your Meat: Poultry, Pork + Seafood

Chef Todd was really on a roll here, and shared with us all his secrets on the perfect choices for grilling and smoking meat. If you want to buy your meat with confidence, you’ll want to check this class out!

Surf and Turf on the Grill

This entire feast with Chef Todd was cooked out on the grill! This class will show you from start to finish how to create this gourmet (but simple!) meal all outside!

Macarons on the Smoker

Barb from the Sweet Mac Shop joined us outside on the Traeger to whip up some of her classic Macs with a little smoky flair. So fun!

Dutch Oven Almond Chicken

Chuck takes his classic Almond Chicken recipe and show us how it tastes SO MUCH BETTER from the Dutch oven. Soon to be a family favorite!

Dutch Oven Apple Betty (revisited)

We shared Chuck’s original Apple Betty last year, and are pleased to say this version is equally delicious. Try this one out and see for yourself!

Smoked Italian Meatballs

Chef Amanda Haas, a Traeger Ambassador, joins us to show how tasty and delicious Italian meatballs are smoked, and then braised on the Traeger. Best meatballs of your life!

Smoked Galettes

A Galette and the Traeger are meant to go together. The rustic look and flavor are the perfect combination. You can make these with nearly anything in your kitchen!

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Cake

Our girl, Courtney, is here to share her delicious Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Cake. This is the perfect time of year to capitalize on your rhubarb harvest, and welcome in the summer with this amazing cake.

Craving some more Grilled up fun? Check out our archives from 2020. So many fun classes you don’t want to miss.

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